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The expeditions are a huge part of your awards. We will spend the year teaching and training you up so that you can safely and confidently navigate the hills as a group.

You will be in groups of 4 - 7 and together will plan your routes, write your route cards and finally walk them.

There will first be a practice expedition and then a qualifying expedition.


Depending on which level award you are working towards, will determine how long you will need to be out walking and how many days your expedition will last. 

Expedition Length: 

2 days / 1 night


Expedition Length: 

  • 2 days / 1 night

  • 6 hours of expedition per day, around 15km in length


Expedition Length: 

  • 3 days / 2 nights

  • 7 hours of expedition per day, around 17km in length


Expedition Length: 

  • 4 days / 3 nights

  • 8 hours of expedition per day, around 20km in length


During the Hexnet meetings we will teach you how to read a map and compass and write your own route cards for your expeditions.

You will plan the route 'squiggles' on digital mapping software, and then fill in the route cards to match. You will also need to come up with a group goal to complete during your expedition. 

In order to be prepared for your expedition, you will plan your meals in advance and make sure that you have appropriate kit. 

At Hexnet we do have some kit available to hire, and you can request it here:

hexnet booklet 2019-20_edited.jpg


You will be independently navigating with a map and compass between campsites as a group, following the route cards you created. You will not have access to any technology during this time. 

Leaders will check in on you during your walking to make sure that you are all happy and on track, and again at the campsite to ensure you are set up properly and have had a substantial evening meal.

One of the requirements is that you will carry all of the gear that you need for the duration of the expedition. This includes your clothes, food and tent.

Throughout the expedition you will also be tasked with completing an expedition goal. That goal can be anything that you as a group choose, as long as it can be completed whilst you are out on your expedition.

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